Frequently Asked Questions


Why weddings?

Weddings are the BEST day because every single person you love in your life is present in one room.  This is when the magic happens: when couples pour their hearts out and make promises to each other, when 4 generations of family share a toast together, when your best friends get to publicly announce the embarrassingly amazing way you met, and when your uncle busts out the moonwalk across the dance floor. (or was that just mine?)  It's a day that you want to remember forever, and I find so much joy and honor in being able to capture those memories and save them forever.

What if I'm awkward in front of a camera?

Trust me, by the time you see your final photos, you would never have known.  As your photographer, it is my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible- this is why I think it's so important to always pick a photographer who you'd want to hang out with for 8+ hours straight- it better be with someone who makes you comfortable.  Ultimately, it will show in your photos too.  This is also why I highly recommend engagement photoshoots- it gives you a chance to get used to me sticking a camera in your face and my style, and it also gives me a chance to understand your relationship as a couple.  These will all ultimately help me capture the best photos for your wedding day.

When can we expect to see our wedding photos?

Anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks depending on what season your wedding is in and the size of your wedding. Keep an eye out on Instagram & Facebook for sneak peeks, which I typically send in the first couple of days! If you need a photo or two early for “thank you” cards or something along those lines we have no problem sending a few of my favorites.

Wait, are you in San Francisco or Seattle?

I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and recently moved to Seattle where I am now based, but I continue to shoot in both locations. It also gives me a chance to sneak in a little visit to my friends and family back home so I’m all for it!

Do you travel?

Absolutely.  I'm based in Seattle, but would love to come meet you for any destination or elopement!  Feel free to send me more specific information on your location for more in-depth travel costs.  

Who chooses our wedding portrait locations?

I always welcome ideas, especially since you may know a secret spot nearby that is meaningful to you.  In the meantime, I also location scout for your wedding day and will share my recommendations.  After that, I will decide on the best place considering all the factors like timing, weather and lighting.

What's your image backup plan?

When I get home from every photoshoot, I immediately upload all images both to a hard drive, which then gets backed up again to a second location.  

If I didn't answer your question on your mind, head over to the Contact page or email me at at any time!