Berkeley Wedding Photography: Claire & Colin

You know those weddings that just remind you what real, simple, beautiful love is?  This was one that belongs in that category.  Goal in life: find someone who looks at you like Colin and Claire look at each other. All day, you could just feel that Colin and Claire were SO excited to be husband and wife and to start their lives together. 

There are so many things I loved about Claire & Colin’s wedding.  First, they stayed authentically true to their original goal:  simple, non-traditional, no frills, just – them.  That meant no over the top decorations, no flowers, no dancing, just real good quality time with their loved ones in their lives. 

Claire & Colin also just exemplified real, deep love.  Throughout the day, they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other.  They didn’t worry about ANYTHING except being together, spending time together, and being with their friends and family. 

 I’ll never forget their first look.  We had told Colin to stand and face a wall and let Claire come up behind him.  Claire appeared from behind a door and before she even took 2 steps, Colin couldn’t event wait for her to make it to him- He turned around.

 When it came time to their first kiss as husband and wife, they couldn’t even wait.  The officiant hadn’t even gotten past her “by the power vested in me” line and you could see Colin and Claire inching closer and closer together- It was like watching magnets being kept apart.  It was one of those moments that was so beautiful and joyful. 

 Take a look at their beautiful celebration and you’ll see what I mean.

Prep/First Look Hotel: Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa

Ceremony Venue: UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

Reception Venue: Marc 49 Wine Bar, Oakland

Coordinator: Jennifer Martin, DGN Events & Design

Florist: The Flower & The B

Hair: Joseph Whitcomb

Dress: The Wedding Party

Bride Shoes: J. Crew

Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Baker: The Sweet Bar Bakery

2nd Photographer: Peter Dang