Crystal Springs Golf Course Wedding: Ruth & Kevin

Ruth and Kevin's wedding was one of those emotional roller coasters for me behind the camera.  One minute I was tearing up, the next I was cracking up- pretty much for 10 hours straight.  The whole day exuded so much love from their family and friends that you couldn't help but feel it too.  

Their wedding day started with a hilarious attempt at Kevin and his groomsmen working the Chinese tradition of "earning" his way to Ruth.  There was some singing, some push-ups, and.. of course.. me cracking up.  Next, there was tea ceremony with Ruth's side of the family first and with Kevin's family second- which both tears to my eyes as I watched their elders share words of wisdom for a life together.  Tears. 

Then Ruth changed into a gorgeous wedding dress and she floated off to a an emotional first look with Kevin and then a beautiful ceremony under the July sun.  Another tear jerker.  

By the time we headed to the reception, there were emotional speeches by the parents (tears) then followed by two hilarious games- one that challenged Kevin to find his bride's arm and the classic shoe game- ALWAYS so entertaining and hilarious.  Then came an emotional mother- son dance.  Then, Ruth and all 6 members of her family (5 girls!)  cutes busted out the cutest family group dance is ever seen.   That one left me both at tears and laughter together. :)