Bridges Golf Club Wedding: Tiffany & Alan, Second Shooting

Last month, I got the opportunity to be a second shooter at a wedding for Fern Lee Photography.  It was so much fun working with Fern- I’ve always admired her work so shooting a wedding alongside her was such a valuable learning experience.

In the morning was assigned to shoot the guys getting ready, which was hilarious.  It cracks me up watching the differences of when guys get ready vs. when girls get ready.  I feel like the guys took about 20 minutes tops to brush their teeth, put on sunscreen, borrow a belt, and put on their shoes- simple, quick, easy.  Life is so easy as a guy.  Allan and Tiffany’s wedding took place at the beautiful Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon on a beautiful morning, followed by a banquet lunch inside the clubhouse for their friends and family.  Below were some of my favorites from the wedding!