San Francisco Engagement: Rachel & Alan

It was a sunny afternoon at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens.  Alan brought a bunch of her favorite goodies and they sat and chatted as Rachel’s best friends and family hid behind the bushes.  Of course, Rachel just loved giving Alan and hard time so she didn’t hesitate to poke fun of his macaroons: “let me guess, is there a ring in this one? how about this one?”  Little did she know that there really was a ring- not in a macaroon but in the hands of her adorable niece who stepped out from behind the bushes and presented it.  And then Alan dropped down on one knee.

That night, full of engaged joy, Alan brought her up the steps to his building, and Rachel was greeted with all of her closest friends, family, and a room full of food, champagne, and celebration.  It was an amazing day full of love and joy.

This blog post is a little bit extra special to me.  I share a wall with the bride   Yes, that’s right, she is my roomie and she’s getting married!!!  I was so fortunate to be a part of multiple events in their journey to marriage and next, I can’t wait to stand up at the altar with Rachel   Here were a few pics snapped from both their surprise engagement photo and their engagement session.

We recently headed to one of their favorite park in SF, South Park, to capture their engagement