Sonoma Golf Club/Chateau St. Jean Winery Wedding: Christina & Eric

Take a couple who is a perfect combination of passionately in love yet quirky and you get this breathtakingly clean, modernly elegant wedding with the perfect touch of fun and spunk.

The way the wedding day played out perfectly represents Christina and Eric and their vision for their life together. The morning started out pouring rain, but with a little luck and a lot of optimism, the ceremony stayed outdoor, the clouds parted and the sun came out for the most beautiful April day. The ceremony took place at the Sonoma Golf Club where there was a impactful mix of brick and vines. The bride and groom made it their own by hosting a morning ceremony followed by a champagne & scones toast from the top of the venue's balcony to start the day.

When the bride and groom got hungry, they showed their true colors - they had the party bus make a pit stop to the local grocery store for some delicious deli sandwiches where they turned heads and instantly made friends with the employees (and liquor sponsors!) at Sonoma Market. After lunch, they immediately went straight to the bocce ball court where they threw a few rounds. This is exactly why I loved working with Eric & Christina - their ability to be spontaneous and enjoy every moment of their wedding day, whether the ceremony or just grabbing a quick bite to eat during a break.

The reception for the evening was at the Chateau St. Jean where Eric and Christina and their amazing team of vendors made their modern, clean and classy side come to life. Think: white and beautiful green vines sprinkled with stacks of their favorite books (Fight Club, Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies to name a few!) They celebrated through the night with their closest friends and family under a clear tent that let the golden hour sunlight and the palm trees shine through.

From the bride and groom:

"First, our vision and end goal was to get married. Everything on top of that was gravy. Second, we wanted the day to feel like us and to have that be tangible to all our friends and family. As we planned, it centered around the idea of "how do we create a day where our friends and family felt like they were spending the weekend with us". With that, we planned Thursday and Friday activities and placed the ceremony in the morning on wedding day to maximize the day and spread out all the day's activities like champagne and scones in the morning right after our ceremony, including a tea ceremony, and choosing your own lunch adventure. Our selections of venue, color palette, dress, etc revolved around a clean, classic yet modern, and elegant aesthetic but also bits of our quirky personality like naming each table after our favorite books (ie. Ender's Game and 1984) and stacking books on tables as table numbers. No barns, no chargers, no colored napkins." 

I'm so honored to have been able to capture this beautiful day.