Palace of Fine Arts Engagement: Lenis & Kurtis

It’s probably pretty safe to say that Lenis never regretted being dragged to a party by her friend back in college on that night that she wanted to stay in.

“I was in the backyard and noticed a lonely cutie by the keg and went to introduce myself.  As I walked over to him, life went into slow motion as he looked up and smiled at me from a distance.  After chatting with him for a bit, I knew he was something special.  We stayed up all night talking and laughing and were inseparable ever since. :)” Ah, college love.

I really got a a taste of this when I spent a beautiful San Francisco afternoon at the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field with Lenis and Kurtis.  The entire two hours was pretty much spent cracking up (it’s too hard not to with Lenis’s awesome, contagious laugh) and sipping on wine.  Below were some of favorites from Lenis & Kurtis’s engagement session: