Janice & Toan: Married!

This past summer, I got the chance to shoot Janice and Toan’s traditional Vietnamese and Chinese wedding with Fern Lee Photography. It was a day full of culture, family, and…firecrackers  .  I loved seeing the similarities and differences between a Chinese Wedding ceremony and a Vietnamese wedding ceremony- the food, the traditions, the ceremonies, and the outfits.

The Vietnamese wedding, which I am less familiar with, consists of an extensive set of ceremonies: asking permission to receive the bride, receiving the bride at her house, and bringing the bride to the groom’s house so it was really cool to follow Toan for the day as he went through all these steps to get his bride  The day followed with a Chinese tea ceremony at Janice’s with a roast pork lunch feast, a stop at Stanford University for portraits, and ending the night at reception for a feast at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, dancing, and lots of and lots of cheers.  Here are some shots from the day: